Designing the Dr. Decker Poster

For our Kickstarter page, we needed to have an image that was to be displayed in the search function of Kickstarter and as the image you see before pressing play on the video.  Instead of just creating an image for the page I thought it would be a nice to have a poster instead.
Dr. Decker Mask Reflection Concept Sketch
This is the concept that I sketched and worked from in order to create the final version in Photoshop.  I wanted to restrict the image to a maximum of two colors.  It was extremely important to show Dr. Decker's mask in the poster so I wanted him to appear as a reflection in the knife.  For the first design, Matt and I discussed how it should have a photo realistic look, but as I was working on it, I found that a more graphic approach was much more effective and sinister.

Below are four versions of the poster that I created.  The first three are test variations followed by the final poster design, which included more destressing to the knife and text and the inclusion of the handle screws which appear as black dots:
Dr. Decker Poster Version 1
Dr. Decker Poster Version 2
Dr. Decker Poster Version 3
Dr. Decker Poster Final Version
I hope you enjoyed this poster presentation!  I have added a voting section so you can choose which version you like the best.


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