Tweeting Mr. Barker, Are You There?

Only a few short hours ago, our production took a very big leap of faith. 

Now, before I divulge exactly what that means, allow me to digress first with a bit of background on Mark and myself.  Above all, we have three very clear goals for this production:

1) Approach the movie not just as movie-makers, but as fans; meaning, we don't want to fall into the same trappings that we rag other directors and other films for.  2) That we pay homage to "Nightbreed" by making the best film possible.  And 3) that we would be graced with the blessing of those we respect in the field -- our backers, fellow fans, our cast and crew, the horror community at large, and of course, Mr. Clive Barker himself. 

Which brings us back to that very big leap of faith we were just talking about.

Ambitious fellows that we are, Mark and I decided to reach out to Clive Barker the only way we knew how: Twitter.  That's right, Clive is on Twitter.  So we came to a decision that --as contact with your favorite celebrities seems to be more and more of a reality every day due to the twitterverse we live in-- it would only be to our advantage to contact the man himself and attempt to gain his blessing and support.

As of the time of this posting, Mr. Clive Barker has not tweeted back. 

Here's hoping this is one leap of faith where we land on our feet. 


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